QRENCODE the QR creation software for UBUNTU

QR code creation in Ubuntu is very simple. For this we have to install the app ‘qrencode’ which you can install from the software center or just opening your terminal and typing:

$ sudo apt-get install qrencode

After installation you can create QR codes with the command line using the following structure:

$ qrencode-o [AnyNameForYourQRcode.png] ‘[link address or target for the QRcode]’

As an example we will create a QR code that will link to our website and store the image as ubuntero.png

$ qrencode –o ubuntero.png ‘http://ubuntero.info/ubuntu’

This will store the default image in your home directory, if you want to change this, simply add the destination like this

$ qrencode –o ~/home/qrcodes/ubuntero.png ‘http://ubuntero.info/ubuntu’

Now if this command returns a QR code image that is really small, then  you can use the -s (size command ) followed by the size in square pixels, for example if you want to return the image with a measure of 198 × 198 pixels then you should type this command

$ qrencode –o ubuntero.png –s 198 ‘http://ubuntero.info/ubuntu’

And will create a  QR code like this:

creating a qr code in ubuntu 12.04