Fixing the high CPU Usage error in UBUNTU

There is a problem installing Ubuntu 10.04 and other versions, with some systems running with Dual Core or Core 2 Duo, a process in the system has and maintains one of the cpus at 100%, causing heating problems and ultimately harming our operating system


First we have to check what process is causing the problem then we must kill in order to decrease the frequency of the cpu

Open Terminal and enter

sudo top

Enter your root password

Here you will see a list of all the processes that your computer is running at the time, you must determine which process is consuming 100% of one cpu, note the PID of the process on a separate sheet and then

press the”K” key

Then write the PID code of the backend process that is consuming your CPU

Then press 9 which is the type of KILL that prevents the process to be recovered and re-use, and allows the kernel to take ownership of the process.

And presto, you eliminate the process that was causing the problem and can live happily ever after without any Killer Process on the loose